Young Talent of the Week: Paulo Dybala

February 7, 2016:

La Joya. Enough can’t be said about this young Argentine. Currently lighting it up for Juventus, Dybala is only 22 years old and looks to have a bright future ahead of him.

After moving to Palmero at the age of 18, he quickly impressed with a great goalscoring record for such a young player, with 21 goals in 90 appearances in three years. In 2015 he was transferred to Juventus for an astounding cost of $36 million – and he has already been linked to major clubs all across Europe due to his astounding displays and young age.

He has been compared to the recent crop of attacking Argentinian talent, including Carlos Tevez, Sergio Aguero and even Lionel Messi (including by teammate and young talent Paul Pogba). And you can see why.

He is an extremely capable striker, but is also an exceptional false 9. He is very capable on both wings, using his pace and skills to blow by defenders and set up play for his teammates, or often cut inside and fire off a ripping shot. Like Messi, Dybala has amazing dribbling skills that all youngsters aspire to, keeping the ball seemingly glued to his foot in tight spaces and alluding defenders in any area of the pitch. He often holds the ball up going forward to set up his teammates for easy goalscoring opportunities which he finds through his decent vision and great passing. He is creative, agile, fast, strong for his size, and also tracks back on defense to retrieve the ball for his team and start a counter attack (which also suits his pace and passing ability).

Dybala already had the most assists in the Serie A last season, and is looking unstoppable, especially in league play, this year as well. He has the benefit of being in a great system under Massimiliano Allegri and benefits from the mentorship of other Juventus players. He might not be the next Messi, but he is undoubtedly on track to be one of the best strikers in the world in the not too distant future. Juventus will be hoping to hold on to this one.

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