Boring Boring Man United… Again

Manchester United fans were quick to boo Louis van Gaal today at Old Trafford during their 1-0 loss to Southampton, and according to the manager himself, rightly so.

United fans failed to score once again in a game in which the home side only saw one shot on target from center-back Daley Blind no less. The jeering from the Old Trafford faithful began after only 40 minutes of boring play from the once dominant side.

Louis van Gaal accepted the jeering, but also reaffirmed the pressure that a team like Southampton put on them in his post-match press conference: “You cannot say that they [fans] are not right. They are right and of course they are disappointed and they have the right to boo me… When you have these results you have to have confidence, but the pressure of Southampton was also high on the ball. So our opponent makes it more difficult, but still I had the impression we could have done it better.”

He also admitted that his possession and defensive style (his “philosophy”) that he formerly mastered at teams like Ajax and Barcelona was not good enough in the Premier League “Football is not only defending but creating chances, and we didn’t create any chances. Our opponents neither, I think it was a poor game for the fans.”

After a considerably boring game of football with most highlight reels lasting only around one minute, Charlie Austin, the recent Southampton transfer from QPR for £4 million (quite a good bit of business for such a plentitude of goals last year in the top flight), scored on an open header in the 87th minute to put the game away. Undoubtedly a great beginning for a potentially great player.

The loss and extremely boring play will put more pressure on the already tenuous reign of van Gaal, with fans, former players and board member alike considering a change after a terrible run of form despite massive spending in prior transfer windows.

The loss also came at an unfortunate time for Louis van Gaal after Mourinho reportedly sent a letter to Manchester United saying “I can change” and emphasizing his eagerness to get the job. Though after such a disastrous start to the season at Chelsea and a reputation for wearing out players in two to three year (sometimes even one year) cycles, Premier league teams are certainly more cautious to take on the manager.

Former Barcelona manager and current Bayern Munich Manager Pep Guardiola also reportedly met with Manchester United management after it was confirmed with he would leave Bayern (although such a meeting was denied by both parties), with former Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti, to replace him.

Whatever the inner workings of Manchester United hold for the future, it is clear that a change needs to occur, and sooner rather than later if United wants to compete for the top spots of the table this season.

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